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Hand Rejuvenation by Fat Transfer



Autologous fat transplants or fat transfer are now the first choice therapy for wrinkle treatment in the hand area (micrografting). 

It is indicated in patients with the beginning of volume loss in the dorsal wrist and hand area: 

  • Indentations between the metacarpal bones 
  • Depressions in the area of the interfinger folds 

The autologous fat injection can be carried out at any time of the year, it can be easily combined with other aesthetic procedures and it shows both immediate and long-term effects 

Professor Dr. Robert Hierner is one of the most distinguished Hand Surgeons in Germany with an excellent international reputation and over 30 years of professional experience at renowned universities and institutions worldwide.  

He is a pioneer in hand rejuvenation for the last decades https://dubaihandsurgeon.com/hand-rejuvenation-in-dubai/

With Prof Dr Robert,
You Are In The Safest Hands.

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