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Years of Multidisciplinary Practice

What is Telemedicine ?

Telemedicine refers to the provision of remote clinical services, via real-time two-way communication between the patient and the healthcare provider, using electronic audio and visual means.

While there are many other types of telemedicine, the three most common are :

  • store and forward (patient education)
  • remote monitoring (of a divice such as EMG, insuline pump, ….)
  • real-time interactive services

Requirements for Telemedicine

Telemedicine technology can be stripped down to the following basic needs: 

  • broadband connection
  • video platform
  • technology support
  • possibly peripheral devices 
  • capability to record video.

This video has some good information about internet connections and basic needs for telemedicine.

What medical services can be provided by telemedicine?

Telemedicine cannot replace the in-person doctor consultation. However, virtual doctor consultation , offer patients an additional option to consult with their physicians.

  • Initial control of acute illness for better emergency triage
  • First doctor-patient discussion to better prepare the in-person consultation
  • Follow-up check of a known condition 
    • Postoperative
    • Chronic health condition